London Dogging or Doggers in London are swingers having group sex at public local London dogging locations with sex in car parks, sex outdoors or sex in cars.
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Dogger swingers are usually associated with car park sex, sex in autos, casual sex, outdoor sex, group sex, exhibitionists, voyeurism. There are many sites listed in our links section for those seeking dogging pics, dogging videos, dogging personals, doggers ads.


Dogging is a British English "euphemism or sexual slang" for engaging in sexual acts
in a public place or watching others doing oral sex or gang bang penetration outdoors.
Dogging is also know as "Amomaxia" which is the act of having sex in a car or
"Hogging" which is sexual practices in public. Dogging has developed in England
as having sex in cars or outside autos in car parks.

As observation is encouraged voyeurism and exhibitionism is usually found prevelant
at dogging locations. Doggers often meet either randomly or arrange to meet up
beforehand over the Internet as swinging strangers to join in sexual acts.

Exhibionists and Voyeurs love to view swinging doggers having bukkake or
gang bang sex with strangers at local dogging uk locations or at swinging parties.

Many UK swingers view dogging pics or dogging videos or place dogging ads
for group sex or attend London adult parties. Originally there was a code of etiquette
regarding approaching or not approaching parked cars, but this has now largely been forgotten.

This has sometimes caused distress to other who have unwittingly entered the same car park
looking for privacy, leading in many cases to Police involvement. Also some incidents of theft,
sexual harrassment, as well as forced sexual acts have been reported to Police Authorities.

This has caused dogging to evolve into "a much more dangerous image" resulting
for some "not to try it" or considering it "too risky to get involved". In the light of this,
many previous doggers are now attending organized adult sex parties in Swinging Clubs,
and now do their 'dogging' in a more 'social' atmosphere in the relative safety,
comfort and privacy of a purposedly built venue.

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