FAQ's....Frequently Asked Questions

Q..How Do I Book A Party? Do I have to prepay in advance?

A..Call 07508882217 and let us know which Party you wish to attend and your first name(s). You DO NOT PAY the party CONTRIBUTION in advance, only when you arrive at the venue. WE DO NOT ANSWER CALLS FROM WITHHELD NUMBERS OR PAY PHONE BOOTHS.

Q..I am a single male without a female partner. Can I attend a party?

A..Our adult lifestyle group understands how difficult it can be for single males to attend swinging parties if they do not have female partners. Single Males are welcomed at as well as, those single females and couples who thrive on excess males but who are not seeking couples swapping.

Q..Are there any additional or hidden charges from the ladies attending?

A..There is never any additional charges from any attending females whatsoever for any reason. Once the party contribution is paid at arrival no further monies are needed.

Q..Do you have a maximum ratio of males to females?

A..At our Parties the maximum ratio is 4 x 1 males to females. In most cases it averages between 2-3 x 1, but varies throughout the party as some men arrive straight on the beginning, others 2 hrs into the party, some stay 4 hrs, others perhaps 1hr. So the number of men vary at different times based on who arrives and leaves. Also most couples tend to arrive late into a party, and some males leave early, so often the ratio improves during the last half of a party. Remember our parties ARE 4 HRS in length, versus other party organzisers doing only 2 or 3 hr events.

Q..What is your policy on safe sex? Do you provide condoms?

A..We have a very strict policy of SAFE SEX and condoms are required for penetration. We provide for FREE OUR BRAND OF CONDOMS. However, many males prefer to bring their own brand of condoms along, as we cannot cater to specific types of requests.

Q..Do the ladies do OWO or use condoms for oral?

A..At our regular parties as for oral, use of condoms is optional and up to the specific ladies preferences.

Q..Is smoking allowed in the venue? What about drugs?

A..SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED AT OUR VENUE. No drugs are allowed in the premises or to be used UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Q..Are photos or video allowed at the parties?

A..Photos, video, or recordings at our parties are not allowed for the privacy of all attending members or guests.

Q..What are the restrictions on gay males?

A..We do not allow any male on male activities at our premises. Our parties are for males who fancy to participate with other females in group swinging.

Q..Why do we have to sign a privacy statement on arrival at the party?

A..We are a private membership group which allows a guest who has made a prior reservation to attend a party UNDER A TEMPORARY ONE PARTY MEMBERSHIP. Each guest must register with us his personal contact details to include only his name, mobile number, and/or email address and sign a privacy statement when arriving at a party venue for the protection of all attendees. No ID is required. One cannot just show up at the door and gain access to the party. Each guest reservation is given a password to allow entry to party so we know who they are on arrival and if they honor their reservation. Passwords are changed for each event.

Q..Do you disclose our personal information to others?

A..Privacy of all our members and guests IS OF PRIME CONCERN to us and we will not disclose any information to anyone else and use the contact information for our sole purposes to coordinate our events and communicate with you as members or registered guests.

Q..What is your swinging group like?

A..We are an adult lifestyle group which above all is "A SOCIAL and SEXUAL environment for like minded adults." We provide the premises and organisation for others of similiar interests to meet each other, socialize, and participate only as they solely wish in any group contact activities. We provide first class facilities for use of members and registered guests to use for group swinging activities.

Q..What is the format of your parties and how does it work?

A..Our parties are similiar to other type parties you may have attended in that you can socialize with all attending. However what is different is that you can also watch others engaging in sexual activities in the various party rooms or of course join in with 1, 2, or 3 or more ladies during the party time. There is no pressure for you to do anything except whatever you wish at your own pace. You are totally in control of your actions.

Q..What are the people like attending?

A..Those attending our parties are normal friendly and polite people who are there because they have a similiar common interest - to meet others who fancy group swinging in a discreet manner in a secure and clean venue with an organised manner.

Q..What are the ages, races, attractiveness of those who attend your parties?

A..We get all ages, races, and sizes of people attending. Most of those attending are very attractive, clean and sexy females who truly enjoy sex and pleasing men. The ages range from low of 21 to 65 years, with most of the single ladies 23-35 years average. We do get often couples in adddition 35-50 years average. We get a mix of white, asian, black, indian, european races often at our parties, as well as slim, average, plump, and large females also. Neverthess, the majority of the single girls are slim a size 12 dress or less. Each party of course is different as it depends on who happens to attend any given date so it is impossible to predict.

Q..Are the ladies attending swingers?

A. The single ladies or the female partner of couples attending our functions are mostly members with also guests sometimes attending who enjoy swinging with excess single males. They are there because they like the social party environment and ability to have some adult fun with others without the pressure of "having a dating or permanent relationship."

Q..Is the atmosphere relaxed or is there pressure to "have to participate?"

A. The atmospher is very relaxed and there is never any pressure on "ANY FEMALE OR MALE" to have to participate in our group adult swinging activities. Each individual makes their OWN choice if they wish to "socialize", "watch as a voyeur" or "join in" as they SOLEY wish. Any and all sexual activities are strictly between individuals and consentual.

Q..Is sex guaranteed at your parties?

A..We can never guarantee sex between anyone at our events as what occurs is strictly consentual solely only among those attending. Nevertheless, our group has been holding such events consistently for many years and is known in the scene for "Serious" full-on swinging where almost all attending (over 90%) of both females and males do participate in full-on sex on premises. We have NEVER had a party where some of those attending have not indulged in adult activities, but then this does not mean you will be assured sex. Each lady reserves the right to decide on her own if she fancies the males and may have her own thoughts as to his appearance or mannerisms which is unique to herself.

Q..How does it all happen in the party rooms?

A..Once a lady enters the party rooms and she gets comfortable, any males may approach and join in the activites as long as she does not say "NO". If a lady does says "NO", the male is to immediately leave and should approach another lady. A "NO" from any female is a "NO" under all circumstances and must be respected by the male or he will be told to leave the premises. Nevertheless, it is quite rare that clean and polite single males are turned down, as the females attending our events typically attend to have sex with lots of single males.

Q..Is there a dress code?

A..Our dress code is Casual for the single males. Some of the men wear jeans while others may wear suits. It is of little concern what you wear arriving, as shortly, most undress placing clothes in our wardrobes and wrap themselves in clean towels provided by us. Often the ladies get dressed "to impress" especially at the swingers full-on evening parties, with many wearing dresses or sexy outfits to show and entice and tease the horny men

Q..Are there showers and towels available for changing?

A..Yes we have a 3 luxury bathrooms with two having showers available. Towels are provided for those who fancy to use the facilities. Valuables (ie: wallets, mobiles) are checked the bar on arrival in a secure facility we maintain. We also have wardrobes for hanging of garments. Outerwear coats are stored in our bar private area.

Q..Do you serve alcohol and food?

A..We do not provide alcohol as we do not have a license to do so. We provide complimentary a variety of soft drinks (orange juice, coke, lemonade, still water and fanta) and and snacks. Each person is required to bring along with them a bottle of wine or some beers, but no spirits please. There is a off-license store close to tube stations and easily accessible to anyone attending the party, so transporting bottles is not necessary for a long distance. There is bartender service for both alcoholic and soft drinks but we do not charge for any of them.

Q..Is the premises "female friendly" and secure?

A..Yes our adult lifestyle group is very "female friendly" and we take great steps to make all ladies feel comfortable and secure when arriving. You must check your valuables with our bartender when arrive.

Q..Are people undressed outside the party rooms?

A..Yes, many are nude, or wrapped in towels we provide, but then many are fully dressed also. All may wander around anywhere in the venue dressed or undressed as they may feel comfortable.

Q..How are the drinks controlled?

A..A bartender will serve all drinks. We provide all set-ups for drinks including refrigerators for cooling and ice for drinks for those wishing some. We do not charge FOR ANY DRINKS - SOFT OR ALCOHOLIC.

Q..Do you get many bi-females and can they get it on with each other?

A..Yes, approximately 60% of the females attending our events are bi-females who also love excess males. Bi-females often get in on at our parties, with many of the males enjoying to watch the action, and in many cases also join in.

Q..Can couples have closed doors and have one and one action?

A..Doors are NEVER closed or people excluded from watching any action. Couples are not to get it on solely by themselves, but are to allow other males to join in with them. We do not have couples only parties. We are a swinging group which expects multiple people participating in activities in any of the party rooms.

Q..Are drinks allowed in the party rooms?

A..Drinks are allowed ONLY in the bar or reception area of the venue. Drinks ARE NOT ALLOWED IN ANY OF THE PARTY ROOMS.