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Swinging Can Include (but is not limited to):

• Soft Swinging - Where people will have sex with their own partners while being watched by other people.
• Partner Swapping - Pure swinging where 2 couples swap partners for a session of fun.
• Swingers Parties - Where groups of swingers, both couples and singles, meet and swap in many different combinations.
• Greedy Girls - These are ladies with a high sex drive who enjoy the attention of multiple partners.
• Threesomes - Where a couple will bring either a single male or single female into their relationship for added fun.
• Dogging - Car Park Sex, where people meet in various outdoor location for sex with complete strangers.
• Cuckolding - Where a mans partner (called a Hot Wife) will have sex with other men, sometimes at a different location, sometimes making the man watch.

Swinging clubs may be either on-premises or off-premises. At On-Premises, you may interact sexually with others at an event, for off-premises you would arrange at an event and go back to a house or somewhere else with other people.Swinging gained more awareness and grew in the 1960's, aided by the availability of better contraceptives and a more progressive outlook by the nation as a whole. Hence the phrase 'The Swinging 60's'. More often than not one partner would be interested in swinging but have no idea how the partner would react, rather then arranging a meet than springing it your spouse at the last minute, engage them in chat about their fantasy's and see how they react when you mention 4 in a bed scenarios. Steered towards this area other a period you have a better chance of success. There's a big difference between swinging and cheating, as most swingers are open and honest with their partners they are unlikely to be receptive to people cheating on their partners in order to have sex. Most of the swinging community is made up with like minded swinging couples that like to share. Many people starting off in the swinging world try to get their friends involved, you should remember that what is fun and seems natural to you may not be for them, better to ask yourself if you are willing to risk losing their friendship. Another thing to consider when encouraging people you know to engage in the swinging lifestyle is that if you end up having sex with them on a regular basis emotions could come into play and this could lead to complications.</p> <p>Remember, everyone has the right to say no, if you meet someone and for whatever reason find them not suitable be honest and tell them why as tactfully as you can. This is a two way thing so don't be too upset or offended if it happens to you, it goes with the territory.