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07 AUG 14 Iain D. stated
Wish I hadn't had to rush off so quickly last Friday. I'll be coming to another event sometime very soon. Glad I got the free membership, will defo be putting it to good use. Thanks guys!

19 JUL 14 Billy commented:
Best time I ever had anywhere or anytime. A incredible night of orgy action with some unbelievably sexy hot and friendly birds. I be back soon.

15 JUL 14 Kamal emailed:
Hi , Just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to say thank you for this afternoon. I am sure you are very use to hearing this, but the event was very good and fantastic atmosphere and coudn't of ask for a better host!

28 MAY 14 Alan M said:
Thanks for a incredible time. I couldn't believe I was able to get on with all 3 of the girls attending at the same time. Sheila, Joy and Bruna were not only stunners they sure made my day. I left really spent and happy.

02 MAY 14 Olga+Peter emailed:
We came to last Fri eve swingers party for the first time and wanted to let you know we loved the venue and had a great time. Hope to be back soon.

27 APR 14 Sunny K. texted:
Thanks for hosting such lovely parties, it was my first time to these things and i had just the best time. i loved how friendly and playful the girls were with me and can't stop thinking about them!

5 APR 14 Mark Texted:
Excellent party last night, really enjoyed myself with sexy Bruna & sheila was sooo hot too!

20 MAR 14 Alan H. Texted:

Had a great time at the Swingers Evening Party and I will definitely be back. Glad I decided to join under your promotion and can't wait to return for some more.

16 FEB 14 Liam J. wrote:
Been to several adult parties in London & UK and must say I was really impressed with the organization of your club and the quality and friendliness of the girls and couples at the party. First rate. Looking forward to returning soon.

29 JAN 14 James R e-mailed:
Just wanted to let you know I had a fantastic time at the day party last Tuesday. All 3 girls were so friendly and great looking and really were enjoying themselves with us blokes. The sex was amazing and enjoyed the very laid back relaxed atmosphere and being able to socialize with all the people there. Was a great way to spend my afternoon off.

21 JAN 14 Richard texted:
Really enjoyed last nights party. Was my first time at the new venue and its by far the best one yet. Nice and easy to get to so no doubt you'll be seeing me alot! All best.

02 JAN 14 Mitchell Emailed:
Never had a New Years like that before!
What a great Party you organized with the many sexy and friendly ladies attending. I was very nervous when arrived, you all made me feel very comfortable. I appreciated the tour around the venue and introducing me to some of the ladies. Had a really good time and will be back soon.

19 DEC 13 Charlie Texted:
Brilliant party mate, thanks for making me feel so welcome. please let sonia know ill be seeing her agaion real soon.

08 DEC 13 Steven emailed:
Congrats on the New place! alot closer to the station than I first thought and what a venue! Looking forward to the new years eve party,

18 NOV 13 CPL Jenny & Marcus:
Just wanted to let you guys know that we had a brilliant time at your party. Fantastic venue nice and central, No doubt be seeing again soon.

17 NOV 13 - Graham texted:
Hi Guys, Great Night! Love the new venue. Will try be back again soon!

22 AUG 13 Eric M wrote:
Hi. I had the pleasure of attending your venue last Tuesday and can only tell you I had the best time. All the girls were outstanding, especially the gorgeous Gabriela who made my night so great. Before I returned to my home I decided to attend next Fri Swingers for some bigger party action and tasting some of the couples hopefully to add to some great gals attending as i can see from the galleries section. Looking forward to some more of your great parties.

15 JUL 13 John M commented:
I was really impressed with last wkends swingers party as to the many attractive and sexy couples as well as single ladies attending. It was ausome to see so many females in action all night and being the little kid stuck in a candy shop so to speak. It is just an incredible experience for anyone to have and for those who never tried a swingers event I can only say you have to be there to experience the reality of it all. I had such a great time with some fantastic sexy girls and a couple, and must compliment the organizers staff for providing such a great evening for all attending

02 JUL 13 Paul D. stated
I came to one of your parties a month or so ago and it was great fun. Everyone was so friendly and willing to let me join in. The experience was great and hoping to do it again soon.

28 MAY 13 Gitte & Kurt wrote:
,Just a few lines to say thank you for a superb organised Friday Evening. It truly is a classy place with very friendly people. Gitte especially sents her love to the bloke who made her feel so great. We will be back soon.

11MAR 13 David G said:
Came to your London Bridge venue a couple of weeks ago and it was very good! Was alot easier to get to than i first thought, nice and close to the station etc. I really enjoyed the relaxed environment and the friendly girls and couples of course who were joining in with us guys. So good a time I had, I would like to attend next friday evening this week. I am excited just thinking of it.

16FEB 13 Daniel S stated:
Thanks for the great experience! Send my love and kisses to the 3 fantastic sexy girls I was fortunate enough to join in with. I loved the Lesbian Show they did next to me. It turned me on and I rejunenated faster thanks to that. Loved also watching the couple and 2 girls combo and the great action going on in upstairs party rooms. Will come and see you guys soon.

07FEB 13 Joseph emailed:
Fantastic party last Tuesday evening. Great way to relax and socialize with like minded people. The girls were really great looking and truly enjoyed having sex and a fun time. The couples also brought a great feeling of unknown and excitement and having them join in also really was a turn-on. Looking forward to attending some of your other events in the near future. Great parties in a great venue!

24JAN 13 Anna G stated:
I wanted to thank you for the party last Saturday. As a single female i was nervous but you put me right at ease when arrived. It was the best first experience I could have had and I can not wait to come back. Initially I had thought of this experience as a 1 timer but I think my trips to London are going to become much more often. I never imagined I would find such a relaxed atmosphere. If I were living in London you could add my picture to the website. Thanks again for everything, and look forward to seeing you soon.

09JAN 13 Brendan. said:
Hi mate, It's Brendan the Australian guy from friday. Had an amazing time at your party and i'm already looking forward to my next trip to London so I can come again. First time at a sex party so was a bit unsure of what to expect, I thought i'd spend most of the night just watching but the girls were so nice and friendly i couldn't help but spend most the night on the beds. Thanks again for a top top night i'll be telling all my buddies to come all about you guys!

03JAN 13 Lawrence. wrote:
Fantastic New Years party yet again! I didn't think I was going to be able to make it but glad I got there in the end. The girls were gorgeous and friendly as always and the new venue is fantastic. Please let me know if that couple Barbie is coming again soon! Cheers

18DEC 12 Jason L. emailed:
Am loving the new place guys! Great location for me as only a short walk from London Bridge. Glad to see Amy & Sidona again. Them two girls get wilder & wilder every time I visit!

12DEC 12 Adam. sent:
Would just like to say thanks for the great night last friday. Had a brilliant time and the girls were amazing! Will defo be back soon.

10NOV 12 Jamie commented:
It was my first time to a party and glad i decided to brave it. I came to the Sat Party and really enjoyed it. All the ladies were great and I really liked the layed back environment and plenty of rooms to wander and use. The venue is fantastic and the host made sure to make feel relaxed and introduced me to some hot girls which I fully took advantage of.

22OCT 12 David. stated:
Just wanted to let you know your party made my day and week and year all together. Attended the Swingers party last Thu nite and had an incredible time. Wound up with a couple and stunning young spanish girl who was bi and the 2 girls and me had a mind blowing time. Loved wandering around the two floors to see action going on all over. Will be back soon again.

03OCT 12 Gordon W. commented::
Hi I attended your swingers party last weekend and had a great time and I will be coming back for sure. Thanks to all for putting forth a brilliant party with so many couples as well as single ladies who enjoy participating in the party rooms. Great to chat with them also as everyone is so friendly which is a real unexpected bonus.

19SEP 12 Charlie. said:
Quick note just to say thanks for a well organised event this afternoon. It was my first time and it was really an amazing experience. The girls were all very attractive and greedy to say the least. It is truly a great venue - also thanks to the other guys and girls that was there!

07SEP 12 Paul C Wrote:
Hey Guys, Just a quick note to say thanks for the amazing night last Friday. Its one of the wildest nights i've ever had. Thoroughly enjoyed it and can see myself becoming a regular!

12AUG 12 Rachel + Andy L. commented:

We are couple who travel a long distance to attend your incredible parties as we love the ambiance, friendly people, and for me as a female a great selection of hunky men to feast on. Your swingers weekend parties are so great and we can only recommend them to anyone who really wants to chill out and enjoy some fantastic sex.

27JUL 12 Bill stated:
Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic is the best way to describe your swingers parties. Went to your last Friday eve party and was memorized by the beautiful girls and so many great looking couples joining in with all us guys. I loved watching the continual action going on upstairs reception and in the downstairs party room which was just turning me on to join in more so I joined in again and again. I have never had such an enjoyable evening of fun like I did Friday eve. Thanks for providing such a great place for us all.

09JUL 12 Lewis said:
I have been attending your parties now for several years and I have always had a great time and thoroughly love the great atmosphere and action. But just wanted to say they are now even better this year as there are many new younger girls and more attractive younger couples attending which are to your credit as being such a great host.

05JUN 12 Randy J. wrote:
I was fortunate to have the Queens Jubilee holiday free and wanted to really take advantage and attend some great sex parties. I was attracted to your Garden Barbeque Party advert I say on punternet on Sat eve and went to your party with great expectations. Well I can only say my expectations were exceeded and I had the best time ever at your party. The party had around 6 beautiful birds and 5 or 6 couples. I was able to join in with 2 of the great girls there, as well as 2 swinging couples during the evening, and what an experience. By the way, compliments also to the great chef you had barbequeing the food which i ordered - some great chicken and saugages - which I found hit the spot as I worked up a huge appetite. The surroundings were first class, great music from your DJ bartender, and everyone was so friendly and created a fabulous party vibe throughout the evening. All your staff should be commended for making everyone feel at home, relaxed, and fully satisfied by the time they leave your party.

25MAY 12 Robert. stated:
It isn't often that I can say to anyone you ran a perfect party, but on Thu eve the Greedy Girls party was just that - Incredible - Fantastic and so much fun! All the girls were so friendly, good looking and really enjoyed sex and made you feel great. I also loved chatting and later joining in with the Asian couple that attended who really made my evening one to remember. I look forward to attending a future party soon. Thanks again for making my evening one to remember.

11APR 12 Ali K. reported:
I attended yesterday all young girls daytime party and really wanted to tell you what an incredible great time I had. All the girls were not only in their 20's, but were so attractive and hot! I really enjoyed the party being so low ratio - as there was only 5 guys attending, as it gave me plenty of intimate times with all the girls during the 4hr party time. I have been to other similiar day parties and found the ratio was much higher at lower price parties where there was only 3 girls (and not all young but mature mostly) and 14 or 15 guys typical. Your gang bang parties during the afternoons are really great value for money and I highly recommend them to others.

07MAR 12 Jerome. commented:

What I just wanted to tell you that I had the most terrific time at last nites All Black Girls party. I really love black ladies and what a find your party was. The 3 black girls were so hot and sexy and young babes who really were enjoying themselves with us guys. Its not easy to find a party where all the girls turn me on to such a great degree - but boy yours did. The girls also were so friendly and accommodating for 4 hours of such fun a great value for sure. I am looking forward to next months gathering. Thanks again for such a great time.

15 FEB 12 Jamie. wrote:
What a fantastic night I had at your club last Saturday. I read on your website that you had sex parties where couples and single females joined in with us single males, but having been other places in London which claimed this, i was hesitant to believe till I saw it. I joined in with 2 couples and later 2 of the single girls and what a experience! I can't remember the ladies name (Indian couple) but that was the best sex i've had in my entire life (and i've had some real good sex before - at least i thought it was good until last Sat)! You should be commended on your great parties. It's unique in London take it from me. Clean and large venue with lots of friendly people, attractive girls and real genuine couples joining in. I'll definately be back pretty soon.

05 FEB 12 Eugene P wrote:
Just had to say that the insatiable ladies party last week was mindblowing! I've been to 8 or 10 Girl parties at other clubs before and there are usaully 8 girls and no cpls and about 30-40 guys! So having 10 girls & 3 couples with only 15 or so other guys was a real treat! Am booking up for another at the beginning of March and hopefully that lovely indian cpl Shanta will be there again. Hard to resist the big variety of females with a low ratio of 2 x 1 for 4hrs.

10 JAN 12 Lisa + Charlie stated:
We just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful evening last Saturday. We both had a brilliant time at the party and will definately be coming back soon. As i said we were both a bit nerveous as was our first time as a couple going to a swingers party, but the staff and other guests were all very friendly and welcoming, which very much put us at ease. Looking forward to the Extravaganza!

17 DEC 11 Noodles commented:

I have been to many parties and LSAP is certainly one of the friendliest, non intimidating clubs of all – very much a party atmosphere. The girls are generally very nice and never a shortage of action and plenty of time to relax and chat too – well recommended.

01 DEC 11 James G wrote:
I’ve been to many of the LSAP's parties and they’re great and the couples definately do mix with single men, boyyyyy i’ve stuck my cock in mrs after mrs. Highly recommend to all to try these great parties out.

05 DEC 11 Ian reported:
This is such a good club i want to keep it a secret. I have been to every swingers/escort club in London & homecounties, this is the best. There are prettier girls, but they are mostly friendly here, and they do really get swinger couples and single girls. Best party, best value for money. Go, shag and enjoy…

23 NOV 11 Conor stated:
This place is brilliant! I've been a few times now and ain’t been disapointed yet, Joined in with 2 different couples the other night and there is nothing like giving it to a bird with partner watching that actually wants you to give it to them. You don’t get that at other parties. Would recommend to anyone….but not too many i need room to work!

19 NOV 11 Ali wrote:

I attended last Wed daytime All Young Girls party and had a super unbelievable time. I love young slim girls and was attracted to your parties as they had all gorgeous young babes with low ratio quality time of 4 hours. I loved that your venue had two floors with so many beds available so that you could either be more intimate alone or join in with many downstairs in the big harem room. It was great also as I could take a smoking break in your heated outside garden area and have your staff serve drinks and chat with along the great girls. I was with all three of the girls during the party and did they leave me with a big big big smile. Of course the other 5 guys there were also grinning for sure as me. I have tried a few other party places and none can compare to yours. I highly recommend any single guy who want small intimate parties with all young ladies to go to your gang bang parties as they are the best value for sure in town. I am sure I will be a regular attendee and looking forward to the next party soon.

24 OCT 11 Leona + Samuel emailed:
We are the American Couple who visited your club last Saturday eve for the swingers party. At first we were a bit nerveous as we are just visiting London and were not sure where it was best to attend as we are ardent swingers in the US and were eager to try a swingers event in the UK. We decided to attend your party as you had great reviews on several sites such as SDC, International Swingers Clubs Site, as well of course those we read on your website and also my husband found on punternet. In any case, all they said on the reviews were true as we had the best time ever and thoroughly appreciated you introducing us to other couples and some very fit hunk guys which Leona was expecially seeking. Everyone was so friendly, and your staff so helpfull and attentive to all attendees. We loved that such a great percentage of females, couples, and guys were joining in. We estimated about 90% were joining in during the party, as Leona surely found out and she was going wild with the exciting atmospere and couples joining in with multiple guys, and Leona also loved getting on with 2 so hot girls and then some guys eagerly getting turned on with their actions so much that they also dived in. We certainly will be telling many of the members of our US Swingers Club about the fabulous LSAP Club and hopefully when they travel to London will be able to experience your fabulous club. Thanks again for everything. We really loved the party!!!

05 OCT 11 Jason L stated:
I want to thank you so much for organizing such a fantastic party on last monday eve. As this was my first party I wished to have a smaller more intimate party to start off with rather than attend a much larger weekend party which I noted on the website which are quite large, and as I am not available for the daytime parties which also looked to my liking. The party was just as advertised with 4 hot babes and about 7 guys attending. I appreciated the host showing me around and introducing me to all the girls and later the 1 couple who showed up rather late however into the party. By then I had been with 2 gorgeous sexaholics girls and was just resting when the couple decided to join in. I got very excited at the action starting and decided to try to join in as well. To my surprise, I was able to rise to the occasion and boy did I. A great nite - one i will not forget for sure - and just the type of party i love. I look forward to attending some more events, perhaps on a Sunday eve which look similiar to the one I attended last Monday.

25 JUL 11 Raj K emailed:
I attended last Sat eve 11th year anniversary barbeque party which was absolutely the best party I have ever been to ever. There were so many horny females there I could not believe it. By my counts there were about 10 single ladies and maybe 12 couples and about 30 guys or so at the party who all were joining in. Action was everywhere including the lounge and of course all the party rooms. I must compliment you also on the great chef you had doing all the cooking for the barbeque in the garden. The chicken and burgers were my favorite and the thai noodles which I was told were homemade just outstanding. This was for sure the best value sex party there could be and all of us cum lots for sure. Im looking forward to your nxt barbeque party in Sep which i will definitely be cumming again too!

06 JUL 11 Ansil J stated:
I would like to compliment you for last Tue evenings All Black Girls party which was absolutely brilliant. I decided to wait for this party as I really luv black girls, and it is rare to find a party where all the ladies are black, and not least of all to say so stunning & friendly as well. I was also so happy to also see a black couple also show up and join in with us all which increased my choices throughout the evening to the maximum. All the ladies were so friendly, and sexy, and hot and I had such a great time.

27 JUN 11 George commented:
Been to lots of partys all over london, but none can compete with yours, as you have so many playing couples who really do join in with us horny guys. Of course, the single ladies attending are really hot birds as well, but too me, I love having a mix of couples and attractive single ladies in a fantastic venue you have also. Keep up the good work. Will see you soon again on the wkends, as that is when most of the couples cum, and I cant wait.

15 JUN 11 Bobby emailed:
I wanted to compliment your great staff and organizing the daytime party yesterday. The girls were just gorgeous and so friendly and open minded. I like that it is a theme party with all young girls - as that is what I like especially and find it hardto find anywhere else. Having low ratios in the daytime is also great, as I got lots of time individual with two of the girls, unfortunately, I could not get up for the third, just too spent and content. I will be back soon. Thanks again.

27 MAY 11 Jenny + Sam wrote:

Just wanted to say that we both just luv to cum to your parties as we always have had a great time over the past
years. Last wks party was super - and we met some real hot guys that really made me in particular smile all the way thruthe eve. The people attending are so friendly, and more importantly, we like your policy that couples are free for those whoplay and not for those who just into watching. As a couple, it is great to see that the majority of couples attending each timewe come are sincere, genuine, and most do join in. This makes for some great parties and we get lots of variety in people wemeet for some great action. We are looking forward to your 11yr barbeque bash - Should be spectacular - It was last year for the 10yr as we were there.

12 MAY 11 Jimmy T stated:
This was my second time attending one of your great parties. The first time I came was a daytime gang bang party and enjoyed the relaxed 4hr party. Attending were just 5 men to the 3 ladies you had there and the girls were absolutely gorgeous by the way. I decided to try a evening party where some couples might attend, and choose the Thu eve Greedy Girls, as still wanted a smaller party like the daytime, but with more girls and some swinging couples attending. Anyway, was I in heaven when about 9PM a English couple arrived and his female partner named Sam was such a Stunner i could not believe it! I chatted a bit with her and then she said in front of her hubbie will you fuck me here on the couch. Well I did right then and was she hot and wild. Soon other guys were watching us in the lounge and when I finished she said anymore! Well on she went. After more watching her get it all ways from many of the guys, I rested and then decided to try some of the other hot looking 4 girls there. I found Laura who was also a absolute stunning Russian/China mix girl who I got horny just looking at her. She gave some great head and then I shagged her for a good 15 minutes of wild action. I wanted to do more with the other great ladies there, including another couple who came in later, but just too spent to do it again. What a night. Thanks again for organizing such fabulous parties. Will cum again soon! Maybe to the EXTRAVAGANZA parties upcoming next month

21 APR 11 Sam P. wrote:
I would just like to say that I came to last week's Extravaganza party on Friday, which was one hell of an experience for me and one I won't forget I can tell you. I was a little nervous to begin with to say the least. However, after being welcomed in and shown around the venue, which I must say is a fantastic first class venue house, I relaxed with a drink and began talking with some of the more experienced guys who were there. The general consensus I heard was this is a well run and very clean and safe club with lots of attractive and horny women attending and I would have a good time and that I shouldn't have any feares. Well they were spot on and more.To be part of a night in this club is something else. People openly banging away in all manner of positions pretty much all over the place with anyone, and I mean anyone. I was also suprised to see the amount of couples who were there, blimey it was like a stampede of women all up for no holds barred sex with those who were game. I had such a good evening that night, not just because I had some great sex, but because there were some really nice people I met that night and I even got asked to go back with a couple to their place. I couldn't believe it, that doesn't happen to me everyday , but I can tell you it can happen at this club! , I must thank you for such a terrific night. I had some surreal experiences and I will be back for sure. Your club is a must for london single guys to have an unbelievable fantasy cum true.

17-23 MAR 11 ISSUE
Definitely reserved for the open-minded. These swinging parties take place every night except Mondays in a swish venue near Barons Court tube. LSAP attendees can either choose to "socialize" "watch as a voyeur" or "join-in" and there are specialist themes including"gang bang", "couples", and "bukkake" (multiple men ejaculating over a single woman). Very nice.

14MAR 11 Dave S emailed:
Hi . Once again, I'm coming to London, and, as usual, hope to attend 2 or 3 of your parties. I'm arriving next week, but the first party i can get to would be the Sunday March 27th one. Would you please book me for it? Cant wait as every time I been at your club over the past four years of trips I have had always an incredible fantastic time - both with sex and some great social interaction. There is truly not any better club than LSAP that I have attended in London or for that matter outside of London. You should be commended by us all for such consistent great events you have provided over the years. C u soon.

24FEB 11 Mike L reported:
First time I'd been to one of your parties last night. Just wanted to say how great it was. Some lovely great looking and very willing girls and not to forget the birthday girl (Welsh couple) certainly got what she wanted for her present - at least 14 guys I counted made her smile. Great stuff.

23FEB 11 Suzie + Mike stated:
Hi . Suzie asked me to thank you guys for a great afternoon yesterday! Loved the attention and the fucking and bukkake facials she received. She also asked me to ask you to thank the well endowed Black guy who fucked her upstairs about 4pm he has been before to your function several times and you know who he is (Mr CLICK!!)

O3FEB 11 Namtei + Roger stated
Hi . Thank you for an excellent afternoon 2day Thu at the Gang Bang Party. Namtei had such a great time that I think she joined in more than all the other 3 ladies there. Everyone was very friendly and all attending loved the group action.

17JAN 11 Steve D. commented:
, I had a great night at your place last nite Sunday. The girls were just fabulous and what lookers also. The surprise russian couple showing was a real bonus. She was gorgeous and when joined in with us blokes it was really over the top . Will spread the word to my mates as your place is todrawer.

10JAN 11 Rahul K. wrote:
I have attended your parties twice before over the last 2 years, once in August 2009 and in January 2010 and have always had an incredible fanstastic time. I am coming to London on Friday 21 January and would like to attend your Monthly Extravaganza party on Friday 21 Jan and Saturday 22 Jan. I can't wait to get to you once again as there is just nothing like your brilliant parties I ever found in my travels which are close to your high standard of organization and have such a friendly adult atmosphere with such gorgeous girls and liberal couples attending.

06JAN 11 Caroline + John commented:
We attended a swingers nite as a couple about 6 weeks ago and we want to cum again on Tue Eve 18Jan. By the way we had such a great time at the last party, and so did lots of other guys there that nite also for sure as we loved joining in with all. We really loved the group action and so many friendly people who love sex as much as we do. Whenever we are in London we can't wait to go to your club as do we cum lots there - heh heh! We are hoping for a good turnout on Tue eve as we love to let loose when at your venue.

09DEC 10 Jimmy R. commented:

What a fantastic night I had at your club. I read on your website that you had sex parties where couples and single females joined in with us single males, but having been to so many of the other places in London which claimed this and finding that rarely couples did show certainly not in the numbers you advertised, i was hesitant to believe till I saw it. Well all I can say is that I did see exactly what you advertised, and more so I did join in with 2 couples and later a few single girls and what a experience. You should be commended in giving us single blokes a great place to chill out and have some great sex also. Guys 's club is unique in London take it from me. It is a clean and a large venue with lots of friendly people with gorgeous girls and real genuine couples which do join in (which I can certainly verify - and can I).

17NOV 10 Marc L. emailed:
, I had a great time tonight at the Wed eve greedy girls party...the evening flew by and I hated to leave at 11...your ladies are wonderful. I will be back next trip. All the best.

14NOV 10 Noel D. stated:
Hey thanks for the really good night this Sunday eve at the LSAP. The girls were so friendly and ALL very stunning and gorgeous girls. When I have time and money can't wait to come back. Both Mark and Danny ur staff were fabulous and made me feel very relaxed and were great hosts. A great team of people you have at venue. Thanks for truly a great time.

29OCT 10 Carl H. reported:
Just wanted to droyou a quick email to say thanks for an excellent day party today (Thurs 28th Oct). As this was my first visit to your club, and my first time on the swingers scene. I have to admit I was a bit nervous arriving there. But your bartender (Mark I think his name was) and all the girls certainly went out of their way to make me feel right at home and got rid of those nerves. I had a great time and please pass on my thanks to all the girls, especially the lovely Laura who showed me around the venue when I arrived AND was such a nice girl to play around with. Best f**k I've had for ages! :-) I really loved also Cherry and Emilie and I really enjoyed their company and the sex too. Thanks again for a great party, and I'm definitely going to be coming back there very soon. I've already booked online tonight for the New Years Eve Party so I hope I can get a place on that. I think this may be the start of my new swingers lifestyle, and I think I'm going to enjoy it!

26OCT 10 Kirsty+Jay B. stated:
Just wanted to say thank you for a very enjoyable evening last Friday. We look forward to returning to the
LSAP very soon.

10OCT 10 Margo + Norman emailed:
Just a quick note to say thanks for a great party again last night. Norman and I really had a great time just like the last time we cum. Everyone really friendly and lots of wonderful experiences once again. However, too much red wine has left me with bit of a sore head, I blame your barman !!!!!

19 SE10 Ordinary Guy posted:
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04SE10 Margo + Norman emailed:
this is just to say thank you so much for making our first experience at an adult party such a brilliant one. Norman and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening as you can tell as we joined in and happily enjoyed our experience so much and will most definitely be coming again. Everyone was so friendly and considerate and we met some great people. I was also so relieved that your great friendly bar man found my pendant which I inadvertently dropped. Finally we forgot our couples membershicards. We will get these next time when come which won't be too long as we had the
most fantastic time at your great club.

10AUG 10 Jamie K. wrote:
Thank you for putting on a wonderful party last Fri Nite. The choice of the ladies attending was mouth watering. I traveled over From France to experience an absolute incredible mind blowing nite. Only got around to three beauty nymphos out of the 12 wild birds attending. One indian couple in particular blew my everything with her erotic ways as she took on 4 of us and drained us completely. All the party rooms on both floors were full of ongoing action all nite, and even the upstairs reception couches were in full use with us shagging the ladies while watching adult videos on the big screen tv. Everyone is so friendly, attractive and most of all seeking to get undressed and join in with full on sex. Incredible venue, birds, and action. Recommend it to all. Best party action ever encountered anywhere in my travels for a single horny bloke.

03AUG 10 Jonny K. commented:
Last Sun evening party was brilliant. What a fantastic time I had. Just wanted to let you know that you organize great parties for single males. The 3 girls were not only gorgeous but the 2 couples attending were so ufor joining in with us, it really made the evening. Looking forward to cumming again soon.

26JUL 10 Billy G. tated:
Attended last Fri daytime party and want to say the ladies attending were really so friendly and sexy and I had a
wonderfull time. Loved that you have so many party rooms and space available so can spend lots of time with the
ladies. All three girls were really sexy and attractive and most of all seemed to really enjoy joining in at the party.

03JUL 10 Glen T. stated:
, just to say it was a sterling party tonight Fri special swingers party - tonotch. Sarah's Birthday Orgy was truly unbelievable as she took on all us guys and was she incredibly stunning babe. My mate and I also really loved Lucy the Slovakia girl - she was the hottest babe. Cant wait to next weekend to try the MILF nite.

20JUN 10 Julie + Frank emailed:
Thank you again for your great welcome last friday. It was our second time and we really felt welcomed and you all took good care of us. We had just as good a time as our first visit, and look forward to future parties. and your fabulous staff run a great swingers club.

18JUN 10 Julie + Frank wrote:
We attended the swingers party last nite Thursday and had such a great time. On arrival we were a bit nerveous, but after you showing us around and introduced to other swingers there, we felt so comfortable. We had a such a great time joining in and socializing that we like to come back 2nite Friday evening.

10JUN 10 Paulo S. commented:
, just walked out of the best party I have ever attended and can't thank you and your friendly staff for a fabulous evening. Especially loved the gorgeous Daniela and Angelina and the Indian and Thai couple who played with me.

02JUN 10 Tony R said:
Hi , Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night's All Black Girls Party. It was my first visit and I have to be honest I was a bit nervous at first, but as soon as I met you, I was but at ease. I really found the atmosphere very relaxed and friendly and particulary enjoyed the company of Debbie and Tessa. I will definately be back again and once again many thanks for your kind hospitality.

08MAY 10 Tom K stated:
I was a happy guest at your venue about one year ago living in Norway. I had such a great time that I was there a couple of times at different parties, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed immensely. Coming to London again next week and looking forward to book some more great events you organize.

26 APR 10 Nicolas P. emailed:
I was on the party on sunday and I really enjoied it. Everything was just great. Ladies were very kind and attractive, loved to talk with them, and play as well. Adrian the host for the party was very friendly, I was really feeling comfy, just like at home, seriously. I am looking forward to attend another party shortly and become a member as the party was more than good.

06 APR 10 A Lerner R. wrote:
I was a little apprehensive before going to the event last Saturday night, but i was put at ease by the host who checked me in. The atmosphere throughout the evening was good and the girls lovely and certainly ufor play. For any first timers, I would highly recommend this venue.....comfortable surroundings and friendly people. I would not hesitate to return and will be doing so. Good value for money.

21MAR 10 Monica + Carlo stated:
. Thanks so very much for a fantastic great evening. We both really enjoyed ourselves and had such a great time. Everyone was so friendly and nice and was great to see so many couples and single guys joining in. We will be back again soon.

15MAR 10 Diane G. said:
Hi . I had such a wonderful night on Friday at the Swingers Party. It was my first time at any such type party and I was a bit nerveous being a single female, but did I enjoy myself. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

17FEB 10 John commented:
Really enjoyed last nights OWO Girls party. Fantastic gorgeous girls and friendly people. A great find for me being close to my work and being such I can attend right after work and chill out. Great value and such good time. Your parties are first class and I will be back again for sure.

11 JAN 10 Harry R. stated:
Really enjoyed your Sunday eve party. Such a great way to finish off a relaxing day with some real hot action. The party was great with couples attending as well and three hot babes. I had my first 2 girls at one time and then all of us joined in with a great couple in the upstairs smaller party room. Great action and wow what a time.

15 DEC 09 Adam K. emailed:
Just wanted to droyou a quick note to thank you so much for being such a great host and for making me feel so comfortable at my first party. I felt very much at ease from time I entered and appreciated the warm greeting and being introduced to some couples which I really fanced to get involved with. I joined in with a most glamourous and sexy indian couple and later was with the gorgeous Cara cuban girl - so affectionate, sexy, and stunning as well.

20 NOV 09Joseph B emailed:
Fantastic party last Sunday evening. Great way to relax and socialize with like minded people on a lazy Sunday day off. The 4 girls were really great looking and truly enjoyed sex and having a fun time. The couples also brought a great feeling of unknown and excitement and having them join in also really was a turn-on. Looking forward to attending some of your other events in the near future. Great parties in a great venue!

16 OCT 09 James wrote:
I wanted to let you know what a great time I had last Fri eve swingers party. I really enjoyed the thrill of having sex with such a sexy couple on the couch in the reception room, while other guys were watching and hoping to join in also. It really increased the excitement so much that I was exhausted after my encounter. However, about a half hour later I met the lovely cara, such a young friendly girls who truly made me feel like a boyfriend rather than one of the guys at the party. Everyone chatted and felt so relaxed and most all joined in during the party time. What a fantastic club you have . Thanks so much.

30 SE 09 Kamal emailed:
I visited your Club on Tuesday 15th September 09 and the three hours I spent were mind boggling. The first hour I just looked and it was great just looking at two guys with enormous cocks fucking two white girls doggie style and boy one of the girls came so wildly she screamed. Then I got into the act and started fingering a black girl who was giving a blow job to an elderly gentleman. She had a wet wet cunt, sweet smelling but big. Meanwhile the two lovely white girls came and one of them started sucking my cock and the other one put her pussy next to my face to suck. It was the height of pleasure ! A black guy came and inserted his huge huge cock (9+ inches I'm sure) into the white girl's pussy (the girl who was sucking me) and banged her so furiously that she got so turned on she sucked my cock so hard she gave me pain, but it was lovely pain and then I came with such a strong force it was heavenly. Your place is great, I love it, and whenever I'm in London I will be there.

11 SE 09 Chris wrote:
Hi - Very much enjoyed yesterday's party. It was a lot of fun along with fantastic sex. After yesterday's experience I feel I would like to take part in a variety of your events over time both alone and as a couple. It was great to socialize with several couples so open minded and who luv sex too with single guys joining in. I am hoping to introduce my girlfriend into the scene as your place is so friendly and safe and relaxed I feel so comfortable in bring her. Hopefully, she will love the swingers scene as much as I do.

05 SE 09 Pam + Charlie commented:
. We just want to say that we both had a fantastic nite last evening Thu Swingers party and would like to attend 2nite's Sat party if you have any openings. We can't wait to cum again!
LSAP is a brilliant place.

04 SE 09 Jaay wrote:
Just wanted to let you know that I attended one of your parties recently and met a wonderful couple there named Linda + Jim. I had the most amazing time at
LSAP with them and some of the other really hot girls there and have had many a happy memories. Can you let me know the next time this couple is attending? Looking forward to the next parties and they have always been great.

30 AUG 09 Wendy + James stated:
Its Wen and James , we met you about this time last year when we were in London, We really had a fabulous time at your party then. Wen loved joining in with all lots of fit guys and some of the bi-girls. We are here again and would like to attend your party on friday night and we are looking forward to a another great night! By the way, we also have told so many of our friends about your great events and told them to contact you when they visit London as your parties are teriffic and so friendly. See you soon.

27 AUG 09 Mike F. emailed:
Hi . I attended one of your swingers parties last year which was mind and balls blowing, I am back in town next month and would like to attend your party on Saturday evening 12 September can you confirm my booking. Can't wait to return and repeat last year's incredible evening.

14 AUG 09 David S commented:
Remember me David from New York City. I am back in London at the end of August, and would like to attend the Tuesday afternoon party on August 25. I always have a great time at your parties, now being over 2 years attending 3-4 times a year when on business in UK. Really looking forward to a fabulous time as usual.

25 JUL 09 Tony G stated:
I just wanted to say a big thank you for organizing such a fabulous Barbeque Extravaganza party last sat evening. Guess the experience you been doing parties for over 9 years really pays off as so many people attending all joining in with real orgy action all thru the venue including the lounge and kitchen made me really turned on. The chef was great at barbequeing the chicken and 1/4 lb burgers and the food buffet with the pasta and salads so good tasting really complimented off the party as I got a real appetite from all the sex. All the many couples and girls were so friendly and I really enjoyed being with the india couple who had at least five other guys so she must have had a ball too! Looking forward to the next big bash in August. I will be there for sure.

11 JUL 09 Ranjet wrote:
Been coming to your events several times over the past 2 years, and can only say I have always had a great time. The girls are all so very attractive and sexy and more couples are coming all the time it seems with most of them playing as well. I really like what you have done to the venue to keeit being one of the best I have ever attended certainly in London. Keeuthe good work as certainly LSAP lives uto its name , that being the best!

26 JUN 09 Robert L emailed:
What a fantastic time I had at your Tue evening party. The four girls were incredibily friendly and really were enjoying themselves with us blokes. There was so much action going on on both the upstairs level and bottom big party room that I could not make my mind uwhere to go. So I found myself going into the many rooms and joining in as I went along. Wow what a great experience. The 3hrs went so fast and I left really drained I can say having cum 3 times, which for me is far more than normal for sure. Look forward to the next party.

11 JUN 09 Sandy T commented:
Hi . Hope you are keeping well. I really had a great time when I was there at your party few months ago and thanks for your fantastic hospitality. I would like to come again next month to the party on 10th Jul friday evening but I have lost my discount voucher which you have given to me on arrival last time. Is there any posibility that I will get a discount on arrival on coming friday? Kindly let me know.

20 APR 09 Kim stated:
I just wanted to write to you to say thank you for last weekends extravaganza party it was just fantastic and I had a great time. I was a bit nervous when I arrived but was soon made to feel right at home. I got there early and soon people started arriving all of whom were determined to have a memorable evening. I met a nice couple who came all the way from Kent , they had already gone to the afternoon party then when that finished had a bite to eat and then come straight onto the evening event ( real dedicated swingers ). Everybody was mixing well and I met people from all over the world all like minded people just chatting and having a good time many of the girls had dressed uand looked very sexy in leather/rubber and lace. Many of the girls attending were playing early with multiple guys joining in with them. As the evening drew on and people relaxed couples started to play and there was heavy sex action going on in every room and every bed , Angelina proved to be very sexy and I saw her wanking two guys off at the same time while at the same time gyrating to the party music. But the star of the night was Chanelle, what a girl !. I walked into the upstairs bedroom to see here performing oral sex on some lucky blond girl and at the same time being fucked from behind. The blond was moaning and thrashing about in ecstasy, she had a big smile on her face and a cock in each hand belonging to the two guys who were playing with her tits. Chanelle was on a mission and was determined to get this girl to cum fingering her and licking her at the same time, Chanelle got her right to the edge leaving the blond crying out for cock to finish her off which some guy duly obliged. I really had a fantastically brilliant evening. All of you keeuthe good work and Chanelle WHAT A GIRL!

2 APR 09 Alfredo commented:
I had a very Happy Easter thanks to you and all the great girls and couples at the Easter Swingers Party last nite. I enjoyed myself Thoroughly and the atmosphere was electric blue. What an experience. Thank you for making feel comfortable as I was really nerveous when walked into the venue, but when you greeted me and showed me around I felt at ease. Certainly the fabulous girls helped also. Looking forward to my next party soon.

27 MAR 09 Ray said:
This was my second time attending one of your great parties. The first time I cum lots at a daytime gang bang party and enjoyed the relaxed 4hr time. Attending were just 6 men to the 3 ladies you had there and the girls were really attractive and great by the way. I decided to try a evening party where some couples might attend, and choose the Thu eve Greedy Girls, as still wanted a smaller party like the daytime, but with more girls and some swinging couples attending. Anyway, was I in heaven when about 9PM a English couple arrived and his female partner named Sam was such a Stunner i could not believe it! I chatted a bit with her and then she said in front of her hubbie will you fuck me here on the couch. Well I did right then and was she hot and wild. Soon other guys were watching us in the lounge and when I finished she said anymore! Well on she went. After more watching her get it all ways from many of the guys, I rested and then decided to try some of the other hot looking 4 girls there. I found Laura who was also a absolute stunning Russian/China mix girl who I got horny just looking at her. She gave some great head and then I shagged her for a good 15 minutes of wild action. I wanted to do more with the other great ladies there, including another couple who came in later, but just too spent to do it again. What a night. Thanks again for organizing such fabulous parties. Will cum again soon! Maybe to the EXTRAVAGANZA parties upcoming next month.

02 MAR 09 Jimmy reported:
I attended last Sat day OWO party and really had a fantastic time. The girls were much more attractive in reality than their pics on website show so was really happy when met them. They all really friendly good looking sexy birds and were really enjoying themselves, as of course myself, who came 3 times (a record for me). Great oral without condom with 2 of the girls and had a doggie style fuck with the black girl who was fantastic. What a great way to spend a Sat afternoon.

12 JAN 09 David stated:
I was again in London last weekend and having attended one of your parties before booked again. Just to let you know I had a fantastic time once again last Sat nite.

08 JAN 09 Leif commented:
Hi I really enjoyed one of your excellent parties last year. Now I plan another trito London just for another party. I cant wait to get to your place again and party party.

02 DEC 08 John C wrote:
I came yesterday to the Special All Black Girls OWO Party and had a great time. I also love your loyalty scheme that gives us returning guys a £20 discount off one of your other party events. Looking to visit again on one of those parties and use my voucher.

11 NOV 08 Tom W reported:
Hi ... great to poalong last Thursday and enjoy another daytime gathering. I enjoyed it so much I thought I'd write a review: I've been to LSAP on a number of occasions now, playing solo and attending only the daytime parties so far, always having a fantastic time. Last week I found myself with a spare afternoon and popped along. The greeting from and Josie was as friendly as always, I grabbed a shower, said hello to the single ladies and relaxed with a drink. Soon a very nice couple arrived who I enjoyed talking to and a short time later they joined the party. I was surprised but very happy when the lady smiled at me, dropped to her knees and showed that as well as being a very fit and attractive lady, she was also very talented. We moved onto one of the beds and she simply blew my mind, I can only hope that my performance was an adequate tribute to hers. So, I had a fantastic afternoon again which is why I wanted to write and congratulate on running such a fun and friendly club. I'll be back soon.

25 OCT 08 Jimmy N stated:
Really enjoyed last weeks Friday evening Swingers Party. There was plenty of attractive and very friendly girls along with some great couples. Was able to join in with 3 ladies in the evening which is a record for me. Looking forward to another party soon. Thanks for some great party organizing.

13 OCT 08 Suzie+Tony commented:
Suzie and i really had lots of fun at your full on swingers party and enjoyed joining in with all some great people,..and would indeed like to party again. Great hosts and friendly attractive attendees. Hope to see you all again soon.

12 OCT 08 Candy+Seamus D stated:
Just arrived back in Ireland after visiting London at the weekend. Wanted to let you know that we had a great experience on Friday Swingers night. Candy was really unsure about it all but is now much more relexed about it, and has not ruled out a return triin the future. We both felt at ease and the guests and hosts we met and spoke to were really nice and friendly. Altough we didnt "play" this time, it being our first time and all that, we wanted to acknowledge that the venue really was one where we felt under no pressure. We think it was the experience we needed to ease us into things, and looking forward to going back again sometime soon and visiting LSAP again.

05 OCT 08 Claire+Mark wrote:
Hi ,just to say thanks for another great night on the 03rd oct,really great bunch of people there. We both had a great time....see you again in November. Thanks for being a great host and ensuring everyone is enjoying and interacting..Regards Mark and Claire from Southend.

17 AUG 08 David S wrote:
I attended one of your parties the last time I was in London, and had a great time. (I live in New York.) I told all my mates in US about the incredible time i had and told them to visit you all when in London. Anyway, I will be in London again the last weekend in August and like to attend the Fri evening swingers party. Can't wait.

18 JUL 08 Billy G commented:
The OWO Greedy Girls Party was really a great last nite. The girls were great and really made you feel relaxed. It was like having multiple GFE all at same time. Fantastic. C us soon again.

27 JUN 08 Paul G stated:
I had a really great time at yesterdays afternoon gang bang party. The girls attending were really friendly and they made me feel very comfortable and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. I most enjoyed not being rushed and having 4 hours to enjoy all the ladies. I made a reservation for this Sat Swingers party and can't wait.

27 JUN 08 Lee G stated:
I had a really great time at yesterdays afternoon gang bang party. The girls attending were really friendly and they made me feel very comfortable and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. I most enjoyed not being rushed and having 4 hours to enjoy all the ladies. I made a reservation for this Sat Swingers party and can't wait.

25 JUN 08 Andy C wrote:
Wanted to thank you for the fantastic OWO Greedy Girls Party Tue eve. What an incredible time I had. Loved the wild orgy fun. The 5girls were great. I plan on using the £20 voucher i got soon. Many of the guys attending told me those parties also were great and understand they usually get Swinging Couples as well. Thanks again for a great evening.

09 JUN 08 Bill J stated:
As a single male i never attended a party where so many Swinging Couples showed uand most joined in with single guys as well. Thanks for letting me come to your great party and have such a wild time. Looking forward to seeing you all soon again soon.

17 MAY 08 Raj reported:
Great daytime party. I thought the girls were hot and made me feel really relaxed. U have a fantastic venue very clean and not crowded for space. U run a very professional organized club . Be back for sure.

04 APR 08 Jimmy commented:
What a great time to spend on a Fri evening. I really enjoyed myself and thought everyone there was so friendly. Looking forward to cum again!

05 MAR 08 Ordinary Guy posted

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20 FEB 08 Matt M said:
I attended a swingers party back in November and I loved every thing about it. I'm based here in Dublin and attended one of your parties while over on business. I can't wait to return to one of your fabulous parties when next in London. There is nothing like it anywhere I have ever traveled and think you put on the greatest parties.

04 FEB 08 PhiliB wrote:
Thank you for putting on a wonderful party last Sat Nite 02FEB.The choice of all your ladies was mouthwatering. I traveled over From Dublin to experience a mind blowing nite. Only got around to three beauty nymphos. One lady in particular blew my everything with her erotic and exotic ways,unfortunately as she told me her name in the heat of the moment the mind was too busy dealing with the overload of other matters. She was Indian descent. She was slim, had long black hair and wore black sheer holdups (not fishnet). I would dearly wish if you could forward me her name so on my next visit I could rendevous with her attendance again if she is returning that is. A truly erotic experience with her. Looking forward to visiting you on my future London trips.

21 Jan 08 GaryXXX posted
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08 Jan 08 Mohamed A. commented:
I visited in your party last Friday and enjoy too much. I am visiting London from India and will be returning to my home where I wish u had club like yours there also. Thank you for welcoming me so friendly and assuring I had a great time. As a visitor from India I was nervous I be acceptable and able to enjoy with the ladies, but found them all so friendly, attractive, and I loved joining in. Keeuthe good work.

01 Jan 08 Jermaine B. stated
I had a great time last night at the New Years Eve Party. The girls were wonderful and you organized a brilliant party to start the New Year off. Have a Happy New Year. Will see you soon again for sure.

22 Dec 07 Frankie K commented:
What a great party last nite. The girls were just fabulous and especially enjoyed the friendly party atmosphere. Count me in for the New Years Eve Extravaganza Party. Can't wait!

17 Dec 07 Paul T. said
, I thought you might like my review of the Party 13 Dec 2pm. I had been to a couple of clubs before some time ago and been disappointed that lots of people knew each other and didn't want to accept "outsiders". I arrived spot on 2:00pm and was greeted by and Pam who put me at ease straight away. Within 10 minutes I had disrobed and was admiring the lovely slim figure of an attractive girl, who said she was Nickie, and we should go over to the bed and see what happens. She took her bodice and knickers off and lay back on the bed. I went down on her, licking her gorgeous smooth wet pussy for what seemed like ages in between her wide open thighs. Nikie got me to lay on my back, took my condom, placed it over the tiof my solid cock then pushed it down the shaft with her mouth, then moved on toand took my full length inside her, then bounced up and down until I came which happened all too quickly - within 25 minutes of walking in the door.

Took a break, had a drink, then hooked uwith Gina, who had really firm round tits. I started by asking if she would kneel on the bed so that I could perform 69 with her on top, which she did and I spent a glorious time, having a lovely wet pussy above me looking uat a lovely arse with her legs spread wide. She played with my cock and placed it between her lovely tits, almost making me come then. With the stimulation of her sweet pussy, I was ready to fuck her and she rolled over so we could fuck in standard missionary position, with her legs wide apart, I slid in her slippery pussy and shortly after, was filling a second condom within an hour.

Spent some time watching others getting together on the beds, and the porn movie showing on the TV screens, another drink and some nibbles. Wanted to get with Angelina as she had long legs and had watched her earlier. Unfortunately she went on a (cigarette) break, so I decided to wait. When she came back in, I unzipped her dress, drawn to suck on her big tits, then down to her pussy. She was getting attention from another male and I caught sight of her sucking his cock while I was playing with her pussy. Another condom and Angelina pulled her legs uso her knees were uby her shoulders and I sunk my cock into her welcoming pussy. Now this was my third fuck and I wasn't sure that I would come, but a few strokes into her uto the hilt and her encouragement meant it wasn't long before I exploded inside her I was now thoroughly exhausted and although the sight of Ebony, naked was most attractive, I had not enough energy left to perform any more, so decided to call it a day, happily exhausted after 2 1/2 hours and 3 women!! Thanks very much to and Pam for making it happen, and the excellent girls.

05 Dec 07 PhiliL stated:
I attended one of your parties in May this year and enjoyed it immensely. I have tried several other places in London, but by far you club is the best in London. As I find that I will be in London with an evening free tomorrow (Thursday 06 Dec) and wonder if there is a space for a single male at your Swingers-full-on party scheduled for 06 Dec. If there is a vacancy.

27 Nov 07 David D wrote:
I attended your party last Friday evening (23rd.) which was excellent and I fully enjoyed it. It was also attended by a Asiatic young lady who I sadly forgot her name and who I would very much like to meet again. The other girls were also very friendly and attractive and seemed to luv sex as well so had a brilliant time.

25 Nov 07 Adma S commented:
Hi . I came to your extravaganza (day) party on the 23rd, which was excellent by the way! All the ladies were so great looking, slim and attractive, and I had a great time joining in with them a few times during the party.

09 Oct 07 Chris M commented:
Really loved the swingers party last sat evening as all the girls were so friendly and sexy attractive ladies as well. The three couples attending also added great fun to the evening especially when the guys joined in with them. The organization of the event was first class and you did a great job of making all the people feel relaxed and comfortable.

23 Aug 07 Mark N. wrote:
I had a fantastic time at THU day party with three lovely girls who I enjoyed being with very much. The four other men there also were very nice to talk with and everyone got along great to have a real good mix of people.

12 Jul 07 Billie B. stated:
As this was the first time to an adult party, I was very nervous, but felt very much at ease when you greeted me at door and showed me around and introduced me to the stunning Laura as well. She was terrific. Later Diane from Argentina and I got together also to really make my evening great. Thanks for a great time.

12Jun 07 Despdave wrote

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11 Jan 07 Noodles2000 wrote

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08 Jan 07 Nigel. S stated
Thank you for an excellent party on Saturday, i was very impressed with the venue, hospitality and of course the entertainment with the very attractive and attentive ladies and as I mentioned I am back for more ! I will certainly be leaving a review on the punternet site ! I am looking forward to Thu evenings Extravaganza Party to have some more great fun.

21 Nov 06 Posh. wrote

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12 Nov 06 Jim. C stated
Hi . Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed the party on Friday evening. Pam and the other 5 girls were all sweeties who worked well to ensure that the guests were well looked after and got their share of the fun without being pushy. I also glad to see some couples attending as well which made for a great nite. Looking forward to next time. Keeuthe good work

10 Nov 06 Polo M. commented

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24 Oct 06 Ken. G reported
, just like to let you know what a great time I had yesterday at the gang bang party. The ladies were so friendly and so hot girls. Absolutely brilliant.

19 Oct 06 Pete. G stated
I just had a great time at yesterdays afternoon's party (first time visiting ). Was a fantastic Brazilian girl there called Lana who made my day to be sure. Looking forward to attending again soon and meeting more of the lovely ladies you have.

29 Aug 06 Slim. C commented

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03 Aug 06 Brian. B wrote
What a great evening at last night's Thu party. All the girls were really attractive and more importantly horny and wanting lost of action. Gaia was incredible not forgetting the dynamite brazilian girl Rizya and the very fit Jackie. Say hi to all the girls and will be looking forward to the next party soon.

20 Jul 06 James T. said
I have been before to your last Gang Bang Party and was very impressed with Cristal. Please make a reservation for me for the next Swingers Saturday evening party so i could mix with these sort of highly attractive women. As you can tell i am fussy and please to find all the girls beautiful at the last party I attended but am treating myself one last time before i hang umy swingers gloves.

03 Jun 06 Ronnie R. wrote
Hi. Please put my name down for your July 8th party at 8 pm. I was there for a party in October and loved it. I would appreciate it if you can send me a confirmation. I am coming from LOS ANGELES for your party as the prior party was FANTASTIC and can't wait to cum again. My name is Ronnie. I believe it was who the last time around was gracious to give me directions and guides to accommodations nearby. Can you please reconfirm these are still nearby to the Barons Court venue as I like to use if possible the same place to stay if it is still nearby the venue.

19 May 06 Ken B. indicated
Last swingers evening was really exceptionally good. It was so great to have such a variety of ladies and couples along with so many attractive single ladies as well. The couple from the States and SA were really interesting and the Portuguese lady was so sexy. The colored ladies were really nice, especially The Nigerian lady J....who I had such a great time. Thanks again as mentioned each visit is more special than the last. A lot is due to your excellence in terms of venue, mixture of lady visitors, but also levels of service and management of the evening.

06 Apr 06 Doc R. commented
I really had a great time with the four ladies at your gang bang party. By far the prettiest one was Anna, Anglo/Egyptian, very exotic looking but light skinned, a white Cleopatra. Comments: Anna who works in a ladies spa during the day attends these parties cause she says she really loves the parties. The girl is a nympho, she loves sex and the attention by men. There must have been 10 to 12 guys and 4 girls. At times there must have been 4 to 5 guys with her, one fucking her she giving oral to another and the other two men playing with her tits and pussy, etc. Needless to say, I spent most of the time with her though I also sampled the other ladies which were great also.

23 Mar 06 Mac M. said
Thanks for the updates and please keeme posted always on the party dates. Its great fun to enjoy parties with LSAP club and the new venue is as good if not better as the Fulham venue. Love the large Harem Room with so many beds and adult movie area not to forget the special lighting in the back upstairs party room with turns on us horny guys.

04 Mar 06 Andy M. specified
Many thanks for letting me attend Friday evening’s party. It made for a very interesting and enjoyable evening, which I will be happy to repeat. To my surprise, the party had a social character; it wasn't’t all bonking! Many of the ladies were genuinely friendly and interesting to talk to, especially J...., S.... and T.... The Scottish lady, M.... was absolutely stunning and the tall East Asian (Chinese?) lady was very eye-catching. There was lots of action in the party rooms during the evening which was of course terrific also.

16 Jan 06 George A. wrote
Just a quick thank you for the brilliant party you organized with the many sexy and friendly ladies attending. I was very nervous when arrived, but both and Pam made me feel very comfortable. I appreciated the tour around both floors of the club and introducing me to some attendees. What a great time I had and will be back soon.

13 Dec 05 Suresh M. said
I attended the 5th anniversary party on Friday from 2:30 to 4:30PM. I enjoyed very much All the girls were very nice, cooperative and respectful. Please convey my gratitude to them all four girls, J..., A...., P.... and M.....

11 Se05 Iain J. reported
I attended one of your Tuesday parties recently, and I'd really enjoyed myself, with the intention to return ASAP. All the ladies were very attractive, friendly and really enjoyed joining in with all attending. It was great to attend a party with reasonable ratios of men to ladies as you provide rather than what tends to be typical with others I have encountered.

21 Aug 05 Stewart A. stated
Brilliant party today! Pass on my regards to Jackie - who is both gorgeous and fantastic where it counts!

26 Jun 05 Sunu D. reported
The range of females is getting better with some really stunning lady's and such a great mixture of nationalities - - keeuthe the great work .

03 May 05 Keith W. wrote
Yet again, thanks for a brilliant Saturday night. Such a great variety of interesting ladies. Very impressed with the many couples (especially the Indian and South Africans).

29 Apr 05 Ben B. wrote
Thanks for our chat last night. Its important that your clients feel they have had wonderful evenings and that quality women attend who feel they have had a great evening. Really great evening. Interesting conversation with women and men though at times slightly off usual topics.The two Brazilians are sharpeople and really attractive. I was pleased as things wound ushe got a lot of pleasure as I did for sure. By far the best investment I make. See you again shortly for next Swingers Full-On Party.

21 Mar 05 Ali H. wrote
I do miss your great parties which I have attended regularly over the last years and I am looking forward to cuming again at a few this summer, just like last year-wow yes. Now I don't recall the the Chancellor of the Exchequer mentioning anything about prices going uon gang bang parties this year (just joking guys). Really looking forward to attend your fantastic parties very soon.

19 Mar 05 Ken B. commented
As soon as I arrived at 8pm I knew the two young ladies I wanted to get involved with and was I right as my evening was a mixture of mutual pleasure with lots of interesting conversation and hot full-on action of course also. I was really impressed you managed to attract such an attractive and friendly Siberian (Russian) and Brazilian lady also. Of course, the many other single ladies and couples there made the evening such a wonderful social event as well. Thanks also for your fellow staff. The lady serving the drinks was just right in terms of age and personality and the rest are to
be commended in operating such a classy and well run membershiclub.

17 Mar 05 Jimmy A. said
Really enjoyed last Sat evening party and happy to see lots of new faces. In particular, I had a great time with both the American and Brazilian girls - but it kept on going as did I really outdo myself later on a threesome with the Asian couple from N. London.

13 Mar 05 Andy H. said
Fantastic party last night at the swingers full-on. I was amazed at the number of such attractive ladies from such a varied countries. Planning to see you again shortly and thanks again for making my weekend brilliant!

05 Feb 05 Mark H. stated

Nice to see you in fine fettle and the Brazilian girls were really fabulous. Also Sh.......really enjoys adult romps and is FANTASTIC! It is great to come to your parties over the years which continually have wonderful new single ladies and couples attending. Keeuthe great effort you do and will see you in few weeks again.

10 Jan 05 Ken B. reported
I was so impressed last Saturday by the quality of ladies/couples attending and the high level service not to forget the food and the serving of drink. Will see you shortly again in a few weeks. Can't wait!

12 Dec 04 Chris G. wrote
Thanks for great party in really pleasant relaxed atmosphere with both lots of fun plus very attractive girls attending. I was the big hairy one who drank all your wine.

28 Oct 04 Jeremy M. stated
I would very much like to make a reservation for the Friday party on the Erotica Weekend 19-20 Nov. I will be with you before that though to become a member and utilise your club fully. I was very impressed even though I turned uvery late last time and being quite tired having just finished work.

27 Oct 04 Simon J. reported
I attended your afternoon combo party yesterday and really enjoyed it.The four ladies were very friendly and attractive and was great joining in with all.

13 Oct 04 Ken B. writes again
Fantastic lovely variety and experience, great professionalism and friendliness among all concerned.
The combo parties continue to be great even after the great time I had at the last party just a short time ago. Keeuthe good work.

12 Oct 04 Sunu D. commented
Today's Gang Bang/Bukkake Combo Party was a great day I really enjoyed myself thank you and your great team. The mix was great with four very attractive single ladies and one indian couple with a good ratio of males to females, so everyone really got into it.

28 Se04 Ken B. wrote
So impressed with everything. I expected some dingy place with some awful rough brothers.. It was so good and I am really pleased about the variety M.. was great and I am impressed you have Asian and Cyprus on the list. The ages and the time of chatting beforehand is just great. Also impressed with the guy serving drink. I will need to work a bit on pace. Its great to having the time allowed I was worried I would finish to early but that will take practice. From a very satisfied client. I tend to treat this like test driving cars. Not everything will be liked or driven by me. I go for the Mercs and BMW's. Certainly M.. was great.

09 Aug 04 Spencer R. indicated
Belated thanks for the party last weekend. Had a great time. Special shout out to J.... and that amazing tongue of hers!

28 Jul 04 Richard W. said
What a great party! Was my first time and it really exceeded my expectations. You are to be congratulated on organizing such brilliant parties and running the club as well as you do.

20 Jun 04 Iain D. stated
Wanted to let you know I had a great time and I wish that I hadn't had to rush off so quickly. I'll definitely be coming to another event sometime very soon. Glad I decided to join at entry as a club member as well worth it.

04 Jun 04 Mark H. commented
Thank you for your hospitality at the last swingers full-on party. I was especially impressed by ladies of Turkish Delights and Kenya lollipops.The Elite LSAP continues to be tonotch.

26 Apr 04 Rose+Tim reported
A wonderful classy venue far removed from the usual tacky clubs we have visited in the past.
Single guys are limited and for me it was a bonus the couples were upmarket. The whole transformation of the old Moorbarns is unbelievable so far removed from the saturation of single men. The decor & suroundings are 5 star and the owner was so helpful. You must visit this place its the best by far in the UK i have attended. This review was entered on swingers club reviews.

20 Apr 04 Jamie C. stated
Thank you for forwarding the membershinumber to me . The party night was really enjoyed by myself. My only regret is that I did not participate more than I did. I will put that down to being in shock and awe as it was the first time that I've attended such a party. What a great club you run and can't wait to attend again.

07 Apr 04 Paul D. wrote

Just wanted to say that I had a great time at the 1200 party yesterday. I will be back for sure.
After seeing the couple arrive I wished I'd been at that one - she looked great, I should have stayed! You r running a great club and I am definite I'll see you again.

31 Mar 04 David W. commented
hi loved the last combo party, especially the wonderful black girl Jennifer and the other couple attending. I am coming on april 27th so please count me.

26 Mar 04 Peter W. reported
Many thanks for yesterday afternoon - very much enjoyed, by everyone, from what I could see!
Congratulations for the many great parties continually you have held over the years.

23 Mar 04 Sunu D. said
Thank you so much for the great events and women met at the parties over last year. I will be extending my membershinext party and looking forward to attending some more of your great parties soon.

05 Mar 04 Khalfan A. wrote
I attended ur party and I really like everything experienced from your reception to the great friendly girls and everybody who made my visit a fantastic time. Thanks again.

22 Feb 04 Nick S. said
Thanks 4 first party last night. What a unbelievable night for me - a real eye opener. I had such a great time and am really looking forward to next one. I never expected so many real playing couples and ladies to be attending a swingers evening.

02 Feb 04 Frank W. stated
This is just a note to Gordan, Pam and Mia - last Thursday afternoon party was my first time - and I was so nervous - Pam put me at ease - what a glamorous gal! Gordan was the perfect gentleman and greeted well to put me at ease - and Mia - well what can I say - what a sexy attractive oriental lass - so thank you all

01 Feb 04 Bryan E. reported
I attended the last party (Early Evening Full On) and had a great time. Thanks to all who attended + of course and Gordon for arranging it. What a time I had and am really
looking forward to CUMMING LOTS again next time.

11 Dec 03 Margaret + Roger H. wrote
Hi , Lovely to hear from you again. I'm afraid we are busy utill Xmas so will be unable to attend your great parties. As usual over the years your events have been great for us. We really enjoyed the new venue last time and hope to be able to see you in the new year.

10 Dec 03 Mark C. reported
Thanks for allowing me into your home Tuesday evening for the combo party. I had a wonderful time and all of the girls were lovely and very friendly. I'm in London every week until at least March so I'd definitely will be coming back for more.

07 Dec 03 Nike D. stated
Your club was recommended by a friend who has attended some of your fabulous parties and suggested booking early for the XMAS party. I would like to attend the full on party on 20th Dec from 9pm . I would like to take advantage of your offer to join at pay £120 on entry and join the club on arrival. Appreciate it if you could let me have details of the venue etc.

05 Dec 03 Nick N. commented
Thanks for a great party last Thursday night and your hospitality which made me feel very relaxed. The couples and single ladies were very friendly and attractive. I enjoyed the socializing as well with the guys attending as well of course playing lots. See you again at next Friday party.

03 Dec 03 Ali A. stated
I came to know about your club from one of my good friends who speaks very highly about your club and has been attending parties regularly. My mate has told me the entertainment your club provides for gentlemen is of a very high standard and far exceeds most others in London. Please send me information about becoming a member.

19 Nov 03 Gary N. said
Thank you for such a great time at the Day Gang Bang Party, that I attended on Sat 15th Nov. It had the right atmosphere and very attractive friendly girls plus it was a very enjoyable well run event. I wish I had become a member that day but I didn't have enough money on me, but when I come next time I will pay for the membership, as I wish to attend about once a month.

11 Nov 03 Sunu D. commented
Been quite busy, hope to see you all later part of Dec. You have an excellent club having attended some great parties you organized. Pity work bloody gets in the way.

07 Nov 03 Fran N commented
Just a quick note to let you know that i will be coming next Sat Swingers Full-On Party and really looking forward to it. Been coming for some time over the last years and love your parties. However, I do hope you manage to get some more guys tho, the last couple of weekend evening parties i have attended have been more women than men, which is NOT good for us greedy ladies.

26 Oct 03 Sunu D stated
Just a small note to say thank you to my 1st ever Swing combo party. It was excellent. I loved every bit of it and looking forward to attending lots more.

20 Oct 03 Gary D indicated
Great website! It suits the quality of your service. Be away in Europe a few weeks, but eager to return to your great parties.

18 Oct 03 Ian W said
Thanks for yesterday's Bukkake. Glad I joined - brilliant venue, nice food and the girls were great. Please thank P.. & M.. again for me as they really made my day.

02 Oct 03 Max H. reported:
Really enjoyed last Tuesday Combo party. I liked the idea of being able to do either full-on penetration or cumming all over the girls. And boy did I get rid of some great loads. The action was great and the venue very high standard.

26 Se03 Mark H. stated:
Great House Great People Great Party. Keeuthe good work.

18 Se03 David L. wrote:
Good to meet you and of course the ladies! Shot my loads lots and was really exhausted when left. But what a time. I hope to see you all soon.

12 Se03 Stephen D. said:

What great party yesterday and as a first timer I was made very welcome.

10 Se03 Mike B. stated:
I have no hesitation in congratulating on what you do achieve at your parties as your efforts are seen and appreciated. However, you know what they say - "You can't please all the people all the time" as swinging is not for everyone. In general, most of the serious swingers love the real action and buzz of your parties.

05 Se03 Jack The Lad said:
I came to the full-on party and as per the your advert "it did exactly what it says on the tin". Can't wait to try a bukkake next!.

29 Aug 03 Mike S. Commented:
I did not believe how much I enjoyed today's lunchtime session. This was my first party of this kind and i can't wait for the next one. The girls were great and I found the whole experience very horny and exciting.

12 Aug 03 Gary S. stated:
I recently got your name from a swingers web site, and your club came very highly rated with great reviews. I will be straight with you, i am a single male, and heard your swingers club is one of few around which caters to us horny blokes without female partners.

11 Aug 03 Brian D. said:
I've been invited to a few parties as a guest in the past and really enjoyed myself. Found them to be very friendly and easy going. I paid my membershito join at last party and now looking to have more fun evenings at your venues. Keeuyour great effort.

18 Jul 03 Mike E. reported:
WHAT A NIGHT! We had a great time as usual - many thanks....S (my partner) had 9 men cum over her!

06 Jul 03 Hardman wrote:
I hear wonderful things about the parties at the Chelea/Fulham venue all over the scene, and just wanted to congratulate you.

26 Jun 03 Michael J said:
I really enjoyed all the parties this year so far you have been organizing and will really miss them, as moving to Canada. I certainly will rejoin as soon as return to the UK, as know will miss them terribly.

01 Jun 03 S+M Couple commented:
Thanks for a great night last night - we both really enjoyed it. S... was really disappointed that she did not get it on with the black guy from the pogrouBlue! She was peeling all this crusty stuff off her neck on train home - some of the other passengers I think knew what we were laughing about - but nothing was said! Not to worry sure she will next time. Once again many thanks and we will see you soon. Many thanks for the "open" invite - we really are looking forward to not only playing but being around friends!

25 May 03 Paddington Bear wrote:
What a great party as usual last week. I got to see many new couples and single ladies attending when I been there. Brilliant work!

14 May 03 Jonathan S said:
Thanks for the regular newsletter updates and most appreciated getting the status of couples and single ladies with reservations just before the party date. We members appreciate these. Sorry but I will not be able to attend next weeks party, and will be there for the following full-on party, as I really enjoyed the last party in April I attended.

06 May 03 Peter A. reported:
Thanks for a fantastic time last Thursday - I still have a smile on my face!

26 Apr 03 G+R Couple stated:
Thanks for the invite to last evenings party. I enjoyed the evening, sucking plenty of cock and getting fucked as well. Both R..and me hope you to see you in early May as I will really be horny as heck and will need to be serviced again.

05 Apr 03 A. Single Female wrote:
I really enjoyed myself thoroughly and cannot wait to attend the next gang bang. All the blokes were great and eager to please my very greedy needs.

24 Mar 03 Mark Ham. reported:
Thank you for your hospitality and superb organisation on Saturday. The night was a classy well organised party. Enjoyed talking to people too who were friendly. Not always the case. you are to be congratulated for your great club.

07 Feb 03 S+K Couple said:
Thank you for a great evening the other night. Both of us had a ball!

03 Feb 03 John J. indicated:
Another great party! I loved the Italian couple who really made our evening. She was a real page 3 looker and one of the most insatiable women I ever met!

27 Jan 03 Bach B. stated:
One of my mate went to one of your parties, he said he had the best time of his life (best shag of his life). He said he now that he is a member he is bringing me along to next weeks party. I can't wait.

19 Jan 03 R+D Couple said:

We both had such a great time and last Thursday's party. We met some really good looking and polite blokes who joined in with us. We both really enjoyed it immensely.

18 Jan 03 Paul G wrote:
What a Thu evening. The couples and single ladies attending were so friendly. I enjoyed so much the socializing, and of course participating most of the evening too. See you all soon again.

10 Jan 03 Peter W commented:
Many many thanks for yet another really superb get-together. You do them so well, and all seem to enjoy it. Fabulous venue, as well. Keep uthe good work. You deserve all the success you get with it. Thanks again for this afternoon.

9 Jan 03 J+L Couple said:
We both like to thank you again for the great parties you have been organizing over the past years we been going to. As you know we travel for several hours to attend your events, and can tell you, they are worth the time and effort to get there. We have tried many other clubs which are often disappointing, but with yours, we always have a brilliant time. You and everyone there are great.

22 Dec 02 Joe S. commented:

I attended last Sat Couples Full-On Swingers party which was really brilliant. I played with the sexiest couple I ever met from Enfield who is a club member. Can you please let me know when they may be attending in the future as I can't wait to cum again!

20 Dec 02 PJ D. indicated:
Fantastic party once again! Can't wait till the next time.

19 Dec 02 Stuart A. stated:
What a great party on Tuesday - enjoyed it very much. I particularly enjoyed meeting S. and her partner. Of course, some of the other ladies there were great also. Hope to attend lots more of your brilliant parties next year.

12 Dec 02 Terrance E. reported:
I hear great reports on your parties wherever I have been. Went to Hillingdales and linked uwith M...and went to Chameleons in Birmingham as well as Toucans a month ago. I can only tell you once again I still think your parties ar very special and the people great. Will be away for most of December, but will be regularly attending again next year. Keeuthe effort you been doing, as it is readily seen by us all. The parties keegetting better and better.

09 Dec 02 Sam A. stated:
Thanks for the two great parties on Saturday. I enjoyed the Bukkake and Swingers party a lot. Your parties wer well organized and good value.

08 Dec 02 Robert H. indicated:
Thanks once again for great party last night. Everyone was so friendly and socialable. I enjoyed chatting with them all, as well as joining of course, for a special evening.

06 Dec 02 Jagman reported:
This is just to say that went to your party last week and was it GREAT!

29 Nov 02 Jeff N. said:
Thoroughly enjoyed your last party on the night of Erotica - met some really pleasant folk plus a most personable young lady who happens to have been born in the same part of the Midlands as I was. We had a good chat and shag too!

08 Se02 Vinny B. indicated:
Cheers for a great party in Kensington. I shall join next month when attend the daytime one.

24 Jul 02 Karl J. stated:
Just a quick note to say thanks for Tuesday I had fun